Saturday, September 10, 2005

MEET THE CAST: Matt Anderson

OK people. I ASSUMED since you all KNOW me (except for those people who don't) that you wouldn't need a Meet The Cast profile on me. But I've been hearing from numbers of you that you think you do need something to read about here you go. It's time to meet the
blog-master - Augustus himself...Matthew A. Anderson!

What to tell? I'm a native of Boise, Idaho - and have lived in the Washington, DC area for 5 years. Previous to embarking on the Willy Wonka Tour, I was an event coordinator with the Washington Speakers Bureau in Alexandria, Virginia. I loved working at WSB - and specifically, loved the people. (A big SHOUT OUT to the First Floor EC's and the rest of the fun bunch over there. How's the Crystal Bowling Pin?) I had a fun almost-2 years there, and miss the free microwave popcorn, the monthly birthday lunches and the massage chair. BUT - I'm living fine without them!

I come from a family of 7 - my mom and dad (who live in Emmett, Idaho), and then 3 brothers and 1 sister. They are all married with kids - and live out West. From the oldest down, a huge HEY to the siblings and their families: Scott (brother) & Jackie and their kids, Samanta, Austin and Branden (Boise, Idaho); Mindy (sister) & Brad and their kids, Dallas, Annie, Randee and McKell (Prescott Valley, Arizona); Jeremy (brother) and Christy and their kids, Tyler, Tanner and Kayla (Meridian, Idaho); and Tim (brother) and Annie and their kids, Leah and Cole (Tucson, Arizona). They are a crazy bunch - and when all 12 of those kids get together, it's a mad house. But I love it.

Before landing the current Wonka-gig, I gained all of my experience and love of the stage through the magic of COMMUNITY THEATER - both in the D.C. area and in Boise, Idaho. I had the chance to do some amazing shows - meet some amazing people - and have a lot of fun. Some of my favorites have included: Blood Brothers, Big River, 42nd Street (Boise); Man of LaMancha (Rexburg, Idaho); The Who's TOMMY, City of Angels, Suburb, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Line Rage, Jekyll & Hyde and probably some others in the Washington DC area. I also had the chance to understudy Pacific Overtures with Signature Theatre earlier this year - and it was my first big foray into professional theater in DC and I loved it.

Um - beyond that...I like movies, music, reading and just hanging out with friends. The smartest thing I did before leaving on this tour: buying the portable DVD player. It's genius. SIMPLY genius. I've walked on the Great Wall of China, I almost fell off a waterfall in Hawaii, I was an MTV Wanna-Be-A-VJ REJECT, I have always loved the Muppets, I kicked my Diet Coke habit, I LOVE Chili's (the restaurtant), and am an avid fan of buffalo sauce, cheesecake, Boise State Football and Nick Hornby novels. Oh yeah, and I have a KILLER magnet collection from around the world...and even bought one today to add to it.

So that's it for now. Any questions - please let me know. And by all MEANS, if you know of something that I left out that everyone simply HAS to know about, please post a comment and share it with the whole class. Because I'm sick of this and I'm heading to bed!


I put a couple of pictures of me with Gillian because WE MISS HER! And wish she was on tour with us!


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