Monday, May 21, 2007


....ok.......I'll wait while you pick up your jaw off the floor or table or desk. I'll wait a few more seconds while you compose yourself. I'll continue to wait as you deal with the SHOCK that has just hit your body.....

It's true. After over a month of silence, the tongue has been LOOSED and he who once seemed to have disappeared has suddenly appeared. And in a strange way, what started out as just another crappy Monday morning has turned into a somewhat LESS crappy Monday morning.

And why now? Why today? Well.....because as of TODAY, Monday the 21st of May, 2007, the Wonka crew is looking at 4 shows left. And by the time we lay our heads down to sleep on Thursday of this week, we will be laying our heads down at our own individual homes and in our own individual beds. And the past 4, 9 or 18 months will have become a thing of the PAST... rich with stories, experiences and life-defining moments. And as with everything that comes to an end, there is sentiment and memories and stories to be shared before we head off into the sunset.

And what have you MISSED since March 22? About 327 trips to various Wal-Marts and Targets around the Midwest and East Coast, a TON of hours asleep in the van, various hotels and dressing rooms around the same area, a handful of auditions and Broadway shows in the New York City area, and a couple of great parties hosted by both Roe's family AND Rachel's family. So not much, really, except for the awesome parties!

For the BLOG-faithful....I will do my BEST to wrap things up this week....over the next couple of days. So, although it's a leap of faith at this point, check back to see the last few days notes on my closing thoughts on the Wonka.

And thank you....ALL....for being the BLOG-faithful. And REMINDING me that I hadn't written. Since March 22nd. It meant a lot.

CIAO! Happy Crappy Monday!