Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Conversation

So we did our show today - and then everyone pretty much CRASHED all afternoon. These beds...GLORIOUS! So I don't have a lot to report on our day. BUT - I did forget to recount a conversation that I had at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Gift Shop yesterday. I was looking for postcards, and they had 2 racks of postcards of different artists who we had just seen throughout the museum. I was interested in getting a Bee Gees postcard to send to my buddy Darren. So, not seeing one, I decided to find an employee and ask if they had one...maybe I was just missing it. I looked and found a young, very eager guy who we will now refer to as Champ. (That's not really his name...but I can't remember it and Champ seems to do the job.)
Our conversation went as follows:

Matt: Excuse me, Champ. I'm looking for a postcard of the Bee Gees, but can't seem to find one. Do you know if you have one?

Champ: OH no man...we don't! We should, though. A lot of people ask for them. They were one crazy band.

Matt: (a little perplexed...wondering how CRAZY they really were) Well, I guess you could say that.

Champ: I mean, that song of theirs....Rock Lobster. That was crazy.

Matt: (with a sudden light of realization) OH....gotcha. You mean the B-52's. And yeah, they are pretty crazy. I'm talking about the Bee Gees. Like, Saturday Night Fever, Stayin' Alive...that stuff.

Champ: (clearly confused...and a tad bit embarassed) OHHHHHH! The Bee Gees. Yeah man...they were crazy, too.

Matt: (cricket!) (cricket!) (cricket!) OK. Thanks then. (exit to continue shopping)


(Matt approached cash register to pay for purchases.....)

Champ: (approaching cash register) You ready to check out sir? (looks up and sees that it is Matt approaching cash register - smiles) Hey know what is so crazy? About 3 minutes after you walked off, someone ELSE came up and asked me about the Beattles, too!

Matt: (cricket!) (cricket!) (cricket!) Um...OK. Crazy. Thanks.

(Matt pays, turns and walks out of Hall of Fame.)

Champ: Have a great day, sir! Come back and see us again soon.


Thanks, CHAMP...for a great laugh!
Everyone else have a GREAT day.....


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