Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Correction

WELL....since today was a day off in Sylvania, there is little to report. A little shopping - a little sleeping in - a little movie. (Zodiac....long, but very interesting.)

So since there is little to report, I wanted to take this 'free time' and make a correction on a recent post. Remember the post about the tiles? For the individual shows at the venue in Michigan? WELL....I received a certain amount ribbing and grief today for leaving out one of the creators of the tile. SO....I swore to that creator that I would make SURE and include kudos to HER on here tonight. Our wardrobe guru, JODI, also helped Katie with the WONKA TILE for the ceiling in Michigan. And I always want credit to be given where credit is a HUGE thanks to Jodi for her tile-work!


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